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Thanks for visiting us! We are a label from Brasília, Brazil, available on main digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Store, Beatport, and many others. Please go to “Where to find us” for the complete list. If you’re a artist and wants to send us your demo, go to “Contact us” and fill the form. We hope you enjoy the music. Feel free to write to us!

Welcome to I/U Music – a new electronic music label from Brasília, Brazil.

I/U is born from the concept of interaction, in abbreviation of “I and you”. A brand that emerges at the turn for the 20s with the purpose of connecting people through art, music and dance by promoting events, publishing music and sharing information. Here you can find one of its pillars – I/U Music is a electronic music label focused on spreading our artists music.

We started activities in november of 2019 and intend to release new music every month. So please sign in to the newsletter and we’ll keep updated about the music.

We’re glad to have you here.
Sit down, relax and enjoy the music.
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Listen to our latest releases. You can find us on the main digital platforms such as Spotify. Check “Where to find us” in the menu above.
IU08 – Komka – Untenable System
IU07 – Komka – Machine
IU06 – Komka feat. Fadul – So Blinding

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