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I/U is born from the concept of interaction, in abbreviation of “I and you”. A brazilian brand that emerges at the turn for the 20s decade with the purpose of connecting people through art, music and dance. One of its pillars is I/U Music – a music label focused on spreading the music of our artists.

IU’s debut release represents the beginning of the relationship between Komka and Nina Mess, with the first two tracks they produced together, in the first semester of 2019.

Dance In The Dark could be a rock song if synthesizers were replaced by bass and guitar. Uniting Komka’s identity on the instrumental composition, that uses electro and techno tones in a dark atmosphere with strong 80s synthpop and EBM influences, Nina makes her first voice recordings on this track that gives the title to the EP.

Resonant Breakdown is more focused on the dancefloor, where Nina and Komka express their perceptions and feelings as DJs. The fusion of elements at the beginning doesn’t make clear what is coming, but, at the first drop, the bass takes front with a consistent groove that sustains all over the song. The words recorded by Nina refers to the interaction between humans and machines, while the arrangement of synthesizers gives an sci-fi atmosphere to this track full of nuances and an unique energy that will surely fire up any dance floor.