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IU03 Bittersweet

IU03 Cover
1. Bittersweet 0:0
2. Slap Me 0:0
About album

The 3rd EP of I/U Music says hello to 2020 and shows Komka’s versatility in two very distinct productions, but with the same ideal: to set fire on the dancefloor!

The release’s title track, “Bittersweet”, has an acid-house reference, with Roland’s legendary TB-303 as its main element, but with the electro influence that could not be missed on Komka’s tracks. Featuring lyrics and vocals by Nina Mess, people go crazy every time that this track is played.

“Slap Me” is inspired by the “slap” technique, popular with bassists. Although bass riffs are from a synthesizer, it sounds like electric bass “slap” riffs. A groovy track that makes this EP irresistible from start till the end.

Artists: Komka, Nina Mess
Release Date: 21/02/2020
Genres: Acid-house, Electro