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IU04 (Re)works

1. Once Again (Once That Night 2020 Remix) 0:0
2. Addictions (10th anniversary Remix) 0:0
About album

“(Re)works” is the series of reinterpretations of old tracks produced by Komka in his almost 20 years of career. A way of giving a fresh look to the productions of the past, not letting good ideas fall into oblivion.

In the first EP of this series, we selected two tracks released by the memorable Crunchy Music. “Addictions” was re-recorded in a version that celebrates 10 years since its release. “Once That Night” was remixed “straight-to-the-point”, and (re)titled as “Once Again”.

We hope that these works will be enjoyed with the same freshness and enthusiasm as when they were originally released. Today, with so much information being transmitted, music tends to become disposable, falling by the wayside. We believe that good music has no shelf-life and deserves to be revisited as often as necessary.

Artist: Komka
Label: I/U Music
Release Date: 27/03/2020
Genres: Electro, Techno