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IU06 So Blinding

1. So Blinding 0:0
About album

“So Blinding” stands out as the first single of the recent partnership between João Komka and Lucas Fadul, of the same age and influences in common, but belonging to different musical scenarios.

In the last five years, Fadul (who is a guitarist and composer) has been exploring new songs in sounds and electronic beats. In this context, nothing is more perfect than a DJ to help the enterprise.

Komka, on the other hand, is a strong name in the electronic scenario of the federal capital. For almost two decades, he has been composing, editing, mixing, playing and, even more, influencing and entertaining the city with a conceptually authentic sound.

Although they develop different styles, the two artists complement each other in the same passion – the music. Designed to dancefloors, “So Blinding” integrates the album “Untenable System”, to be released by Komka, soon, on I/U Music.

Artist: Komka
Label: I/U Music
Genres: Electro, Electronica