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IU09 Untenable System Remixed

1. Abstract Effects (Vitor Munhoz Remix) 02:09
2. Russian Roulette (Amatteuur Remix) 01:58
3. Untenable System (2nd Version) 02:00
4. Daydream (Gustavo FK Remix) 02:01
5. Choices (Oagora Remix) 02:20
6. So Many Lies (Fellinis Remix) 01:58
7. Pure Pleasure (Carlos Pires, Hopper Remix) 01:55
8. Choices (Hiago Pauli Remix) 02:03
9. Pure Pleasure (Alex Justino Remix) 02:05
About album

Komka’s excellent Untenable System album now gets a fantastic selection of remixes served up on the I/U Music label. Komka, Vitor Munhoz, Amatteuur, Oagora, Fellini, Carlos Pires, Hopper, ^L_, Hiago Pauli and Alex Justino all feature in what is a widescreen selection indeed.

Abstract Effects (Vitor Munhoz Remix) opens up with an eerie breakbeat groover that has dreamy pads and mystic atmospheres. Russian Roulette (Amatteuur Remix) then offers up a more heavy, industrial tinged vibe that has dark disco chords and soothed-back pads. Untenable System (2nd Version) then gets more peak time and gnarly with a burrowing lead line and snappy hi hats taking you to the heart of the rave.

Elsewhere there is trippy out slow motion electronic freakiness from Gustavo Fk on his remix, ambient laced deep techno bliss from Oagora and edgy, tense melodic loops and underlapping techno drums by Fellini and Pure Pleasure (Carlos Pires, Hopper Remix) is a hands in the air, trance laced cut for the peak time. An energetic banger from ^L, grainy and gritty techno pressure from Hiago Pauli and intense loops that lock you in the groove from Alex Justino then close out the album in fantastic fashion.

Artist: Komka
Label: I/U Music